• Sydney Franchise resale opportunity

    A Sydney Franchise resale opportunity is now available with Bill Dennaoui expanding his other business ventures and moving on. Concrete Taxi was established in Sydney by Bill, with a lot of contacts in the diverse areas that we service in … Continue reading

  • Customer buys a Concrete Taxi Franchise – again!

    Customer satisfaction and service are key to any business and Concrete Taxi is no different. Customer buys of a Concrete Taxi Franchise now number more than half of the 21 units on the road Nationally, with continued interest in the … Continue reading

  • Brisbane Concrete Taxi resale complete

    Brisbane Concrete Taxi now has a new Franchisee, with Wayne Andrews changing roles from customer to supplier as the newest Franchisee by purchasing an existing operation. Wayne is based out of Redland Bay, which is a welcome extension of operation … Continue reading

  • Maintenance and little things at Concrete Taxi

    A long standing Franchise, Terry Bernhagen, had a maintenance issue which was critical to the operation  – he could not discharge concrete from the mixer. The hydraulics wouldn’t work, so he was off the road. Contact by the franchisee to … Continue reading

  • New Concrete Taxi Franchisee in Brisbane

    Concrete Taxi has again had a customer take up the opportunity to become part of  our progressively expanding Franchise operation, with 18 units now operating over Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. Claudio Sprecher and family have commenced operation in Brisbane Metro, … Continue reading

  • Franchise resale completed in Perth

    Franchisee Alan Raines commences in Perth A new franchisee has recently joined the Concrete Taxi team in Perth and is now delivering small volumes of concrete to residential and commercial customers. Alan Raines has completed his management training and is now … Continue reading

    2015-10-23 03:46:47
  • Franchise opportunities Brisbane

    The Brisbane market continues to develop strongly, with good year – on -year performance eliciting the need for additional Franchisees to service the market. Although not selling Territories, the need for an Ipswich zone Franchisee is evident to help overcome … Continue reading

    2015-12-17 09:13:38
  • Welcome to our new website.

    After many months of planning we’re delighted to announce the launch our new website. We thought it was time to retire the old site and replace it with a professional, more advanced website. We hope you like the fresh new … Continue reading

    2015-12-18 13:22:06

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