Concrete Newcastle & Maitland


Delivering quality concrete to Newcastle & Mailtand, exactly how and when you need it

Whether you’re a tradesman, a homeowner or a construction business owner, or anything Newcastle Concrete Taxiin between, Newcastle Concrete Taxi is your go-to for fast, efficient concrete delivery to your site in exactly the small quantities you need.

Concrete Taxi is a unique service because we help you get your project done without the extra costs and fees of large-scale concrete mix deliveries, and all that surplus concrete that comes with their ‘minimum’ orders.

We deliver custom-sized small quantities of concrete to Newcastle & Mailtand in volumes up to 2 cubic metres.

Our concrete is manufactured fresh onsite and ready for prompt delivery anytime, 24 hours a day, providing you with a superior quality mix for your project.

    • – No more paying for surplus concrete
    • – Prompt and efficient delivery, day or night
    • – Fresh concrete mix for excellent results and workability
    • – Mixes made to the specifications of your project
    • – Delivery of concrete to Newcastle & Mailtand areas 7 days a week


    Concrete Taxi franchises operate through out Australia, including delivery Concrete Deliveries Maitlandof concrete in Newcastle & Maitland to residential and commercial customers. Our Newcastle Concrete Taxi franchise delivers to all parts of Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Nelsons Bay areas.

    Our happy customer base includes:

    • – Tradesmen
    • – Civil contractors and local councils
    • – Residential customers and home renovation specialists
    • – Building and construction companies


    For custom deliveries of a specific amount of Maitland & Newcastle concrete, you can easily contact one of our helpful team by phone or email.

    We can help with quantities you require, mix requirements, quotes and any other questions you might have about delivering concrete in Newcastle & Mailtand.

    We pride ourselves on our helpful and friendly attitude, and a product and service of unmatched quality.

    For concrete in Newcastle & Mailtand quotes and deliveries, please contact us and our team of trained specialists today.

    Ph: 1300 880 955

    Email: please visit our Contact page