Concrete Services

23rd March 2020

The current situation with Concrete Taxi is business as normal.

The Stage 1 changes introduced by the Federal Government allow Concrete Taxi to supply product in accordance with normal practices. Some Franchisees may elect from a Safety viewpoint to not participate through this period, advance bookings are recommended.

Safety is paramount in all our activities, so stay safe for the sake of yourselves and others in the community

Concrete Taxi gives you the flexibility to order the exact amount of concrete that you need.

Concrete Taxi is a niche supplier of small volumes of concrete delivered to the residential and commercial markets in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle & Perth.  We supply and deliver concrete to tradesmen, civil contractors, local councils and the domestic market.

Our specialty is concrete deliveries of a small volume up to 2 cubic metres and our ability to manufacture concrete on-site, which enables us to provide the most efficient solution for concrete supply.

The benefits of using a Concrete Taxi

– Savings from delivering the exact amount of concrete required for the project

– Freshly mixed product for better workability

– Convenience of delivery day or night

– Ability to reach some of the most difficult or restricted work environments

We can organise your small mix concrete delivery to you 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Most jobs can easily handled by 2 people, one to barrow and the other to lay the concrete.

The normal method of discharge for small amounts of concrete is via wheelbarrows. The driver, upon arrival will assess the required delivery location and discuss with you the best method to discharge the concrete.

Concrete Taxi’s mixing process allows us to mix and discharge two wheelbarrow loads of concrete every 6 minutes, which allows you ample time to wheel and lay each load through the mixing cycle.  Our standard production rate is .8cu.m/hour.  Any on-site delays may incur an additional charge.

The concrete mix you choose will depend on the type of job you are doing. Different applications will require individual mix specifications. When you provide information on the job application we can then determine the mix requirements and advise. If you are not sure please contact us to discuss and we will advise you on the best option to meet your needs.

Variation to slump and strength can be adjusted on site.

Should a project need more concrete than ordered, Concrete Taxi will provide an additional supply subject to truck capacity and follow on bookings.

There’s no mess, no fuss and no wastage because Concrete Taxi only delivers the exact amount of concrete you need – when and wherever you need it.

Pre Delivery Preparation

Concrete bases, floors and driveways:  You will need to dig out the area to the required depth of concrete (a minimum of 100mm or 4 inches is advisable).

If you are working with clay-based soil it is recommended that you lay a sub-base layer of compacted hard-core 100mm deep to give the concrete a solid base to prevent shrinking.  A smooth work surface can be obtained by placing a thin layer of sand on top of the hard-core.  This also helps to prevent variations in the depth, the major cause on variation between amounts ordered and actually delivered.

A layer of damp proof membrane between the sub-base and concrete will assist in preventing your concrete from drying too quickly as well stopping problems with rising damp on the finished project.

Concrete Pricing

With Concrete Taxi you only pay for what you use.  Our pricing structure is available for 24/7 delivery for jobs between .1 and 2 cu.m. To provide a final price we will need to take into account the delivery zone and time of delivery.

Concrete Taxi charges for waiting time and out of hour’s delivery can be viewed in our pricing structure document.  If you require a copy of this please contact the office and we will arrange to email or fax a copy to you.

Concrete Deliveries

All concrete orders require 24 hours notice with the exception of night and Sunday order deliveries. For night or Sunday orders we require placement of the order 48 hours prior to allow for scheduling.

Orders can be confirmed by contacting our office on 1300 880 955, a specific delivery time will be advised.  If for any reason the truck operator is running ahead of schedule or behind schedule you will receive a phone call on the day to allow for on-site co-ordination.  In some instances we can accommodate “on the spot orders”.  If you have this requirement please contact the office for best advice.

Mixing on site means you get exactly the right amount of concrete delivered for the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week

When you require small amounts of concrete delivered direct to your site simply call and book a Concrete Taxi on 1300 880 955.


Please provide all measurments in meters.
For Example, 10.5cm is equal to 0.105m