Customer buys a Concrete Taxi Franchise – again!

Customer satisfaction and service are key to any business and Concrete Taxi is no different. Customer buys of a Concrete Taxi Franchise now number more than half of the 21 units on the road Nationally, with continued interest in the Sydney market helping to push things along.

Terry Bernhagen has been with Concrete Taxi since 2008, however body wear and tear from previous employment (and water-skiing) have finally caught up to him and he has sold his Franchise to a previous customer.

The new Franchisee, Peter Smith, is doing extensive refurbishment of his truck, whilst undertaking Training in a Company loan vehicle. The background of Peter is electrical/air-conditioning/project management and he is looking forward to being able to give the same good service and product he has experienced when using the Concrete Taxi mix on site format.

Based southside, Peter will be tapping into the same market formerly serviced by Terry, who has been one of the top performing Franchisees in the Brisbane Metro market.