Franchise resale Sydney

An opportunity has arisen in the Sydney market for a franchise resale with Concrete Taxi.

Sydney Franchisee, Bill Dennaoui, has decided the second Franchise unit he runs is to be put on the market, mainly due to driver employment issues.

The concept of Concrete Taxi has always been as a Franchise operator/owner scenario, with previous experience by the Franchisor confirming this assumption. The small mix type of operation and the need to have a driver on standby throughout a day means although the business is profitable the issues associated with employment are counter productive.

The rise of night work in Sydney has been a boon for income generation, however the practicality of availability of a Franchisee as compared to an employee has caused a number of issues to surface. Safety is always paramount for Concrete Taxi, however the imposts associated with employee time frames, even when they are quite happy to work, have caused Bill some issues.

Check out Gumtree for the full details. Business is advertised for $130,000 with a truck in good condition.  Concrete Taxi does not sell Territories, so even though the unit is located in the Liverpool region, much of our work is in the Eastern and Central suburbs of Sydney Metro, so final location is not an issue.