Allen and Alan Concrete Taxi Newcastle commences

Nathan Allen and Alan Davidson commence operations as a Concrete Taxi Franchise the first week of September.

The development of the region is being supported by a billboard and radio campaign, something found to be quite successful on the Gold Coast. Truck vision is also a key component, with calls being received at the Call Centre simply because a truck had been seen on road.

Testing of materials supply and concrete produced is to be undertaken next week, with operations commencing the following week with Nathan in control. Based on his performance in training in Brisbane with the Concrete Taxi operation, we would expect quick adoption by the early users of the service.

Service is what Concrete Taxi is based upon, be it response to Calls or the system used on site. Being able to mix to what a customer wants for concrete workability (slump) and also for strength (20/25/32mpa) gives the customer the ability to vary requirements on site. Add to this the minimal wash-down (about the same as washing a wheelbarrow) Concrete Taxi is very environmentally friendly with virtually a zero footprint.