Maintenance and little things at Concrete Taxi

A long standing Franchise, Terry Bernhagen, had a maintenance issue which was critical to the operation  – he could not discharge concrete from the mixer. The hydraulics wouldn’t work, so he was off the road.

Contact by the franchisee to the support group quickly identified the issue as a detent valve, or more particularly to a tiny spring within the valve.

Concrete Taxi uses several detent (or hold open) valves in it’s system – mix concrete, pour concrete and discharge of sand and aggregate to the mixer to be specific.

On advice from the support group, Terry attended a local hydraulics engineer who quickly determined the assessment by the support group via phone was correct. As Concrete Taxi uses as many “off the shelf” products as possible, the hydraulics service people were able to courier in the detent valve, change over and Terry was back on the road. A key component changed over for less than $300 – considerably less than the issues Terry thought he was facing.

The benefit of being part of a Franchise group such as Concrete Taxi is the visible support such as this where expenses can be minimised both for repairs and lost sales whilst off road.

Everything mechanical will break at some time, in this case the part cost was minimal. The tiny spring involved would be lucky to cost $1 on it’s own, yet completely shut down the business. That little spring though has been part of around $2.5 million sales and has probably been called to action some 125,000 times – and only the second to fail in a Franchise which has done some $60 million in sales with all trucks using the same model detent valve!