Will the concrete truck-mixer be able to get to the job?

We are able to access most areas, as our normal method of delivery is to discharge the concrete into wheelbarrows (we carry two on board for your use)

The dimensions of a truck-mixer are as follows:

Length = 6.3m (21′)

Width = 2.2m (7′) Minimum access= 2.4m

Height = 2.5m (8′)

Weight = 10.4 tonnes

Chute length = 1.5m (5′) – see text below

Capacity = 2m3 maximum

Please ensure that you can provide safe and reasonable access for the truck-mixer, as we cannot be held responsible for damage caused to footpaths, existing driveways etc.

Normal discharge point is at the roadside, entry to the site is solely at the discretion of the operator and the responsibility of the customer. You may be asked to sign an indemnity form at the time of delivery. If the truck gets bogged due to soil conditions accessed at your request/direction, you will be liable for recovery costs (approx. $400 is typical).

Assuming that the truck can position itself at right angles to the job, the chutes have a maximum reach of approximately 1.5m or 5ft. The end of the chute reaches to 1 m. (3′) high at point of discharge.