Concrete Taxi Perth resale opportunity

Concrete Taxi Perth has a resale opportunity, with Brad Vickers deciding the business is not for him.


Having purchased an existing unit some 12 months ago and investing a fair sum in it’s refurbishment, the reality of operating a Concrete Taxi has been found to be not to Brad’s liking, even though he has been pretty successful in his short time in the Concrete Taxi system.

The short term development for Perth does not include expansion being considered until early in 2017, with the overall economic activity in Perth being the real decider.

Concrete Taxi has six units currently operating in Perth with projected maximum numbers being 8-10, although the new suburbs both North and South of Perth will probably have an impact on final operational status.

Being the origin of Concrete Taxi, Perth has always produced steady growth, with all units in the last year trading at a higher sales per day rate than previous – even with an additional unit introduced and no price review in the last twelve months.

Sale Enquiries

Initial enquiries for this opportunity in Perth can be directed to Brad on 0430026921 or alternatively through our Call Centre on 1300880955. The whole process takes some 6-8 weeks due in large part to Franchisor approval and also the legal requirements of the Franchise Code of Conduct. Training would be undertaken with the current operator in the Perth market.